Monday Aug 10

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Thann Sanctuary Spa: Must Visit

"How should I reward myself after months of hard-work, planning and preparation for the start-up event of my life?" I asked myself the morning after Convergence 2011. I drafted the blueprint for Convergence 2011 in May 2011 and on Saturday 12th November 2011, it unfolded at the BMW Brunei showroom in Beribi. I got to the showroom at 6.15pm and by the time the last of the guests left, my wrist watch told me it was 10.20pm. More on Convergence 2011 real soon. For now, I write a post about how I rewarded myself on Monday 14th November 2011. I booked myself in for a Thann Sanctuary Signature Treatment.


Thann Sanctuary Spa entered into my consciousness entirely through social media; first through Twitter and then through Facebook. I cannot say I recall seeing any of their advertisements or branding on print. So come Monday morning, as an experiment, I purposely did not contact them via telephone. I wanted to reach them and set up the appointment entirely through Facebook. This is how it went.


I got there at 1.50pm. I walked up to the counter and went "uh, I'm here for the 2 o'clock?" I was immediately greeted by name. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the person who greeted me but I assume he was the Manager. He expertly introduced me to the range of different aromatic oils. There were six to choose from, each purposed differently. I narrowed it down to two: detox and relaxation. I went detox. I was then invited to have a seat. By then, the blogger in me kicked in and away I went with my mobile device snapping away. I snapped out of it when I was offered tea and a refreshing towel. The Manager then brought me their Spa Consultation Card. I highlighted the areas I wanted them to focus on and I was then showed the treatment room.







I was ready for my Thann Signature Treatment. According to their "Treatment Menu" it is an "exclusive massage unique to Thann. Designed as a deeply therapeutic and holistic treatment using a blend of signature essential oils and natural ingredients to invoke an ultimate sensory experience by combining the power of touch and smell". The massage therapist regularly checked whether enough pressure was applied. The focus points were adhered to. The background music was just right. I was semi-awake, semi-dreaming in La-La-Land. I am trying to find a way to describe how I felt during their Signature Treatment. Ahh yes. In a word, I "melted".


Thann Sanctuary has won a number of awards and having experienced their Thann Signature Treatment, I now understand why. One of the things that sets them apart from other 'massage centres' in Brunei in my mind is their Spa Consultation Card. Simple, but wow - it tells me they understand that each customer is different with unique needs. I must go back.

If you have never experienced a treatment at Thann Sanctuary, it is worth it. Here's a tip: if you are a Four Square user, check-in the next time you are there.

Thann Sanctuary

Bangunan Seri Kiulap (the same building with Le Taj, InnerSpace, Baiduri Bank in Kiulap)

Right next to Jungle Gym

Contact +673 2235599

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