Monday Aug 10

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MegaStrike Bowling Centre

Greetings Readers! Last week a few of us were invited to check out the brand new bowling centre in the Airport Mall. I have always considered bowling good 'old-fashioned' fun...a form of entertainment seemingly scarce in today's world of touch screens, light-weight tablets and super-duper micro processors. The only times you interact with technology is when you key in your names / team names and look at the screen for your turn or your points.


The first time I experienced bowling was at Utama Bowling Centre along Jalan Tutong. This was in the 80's, during the days of Yaohan, when (in my mind) Seri was the centre the retail shopping in Bandar Seri Begawan. Even for newbies, the game is easy to understand: you lace up your multi-colored slick-sole shoes, you hold a ball, you set up, you aim for the 10-pins at the end of the alley, you release the ball, and in my case, you hope for the best. You get 10 turns to score as many points as possible, and a round of bowling generally involves friendly banter, wity comebacks, jokes about friends' behinds (or is that just me?) and of course, high-fives.

So there we were at the brand new MegaStike Bowling Centre. I walked in to the familiar sounds of pins being knocked over (you know what I am talking about) and current chart-toppers playing on the sound system. The last time I went bowling was at least five years ago, but just like riding a bicycle, it allllll came back to me. So after I put on my shoes, I was ready. I assumed the "tuck-your-behind-out" position, and I was coiled up and poised for my first strike. And there it was. My first gutter ball.

I have friends who take bowling very seriously, but for me it has always been a "for fun" social outing. After three games, I had a forgettable average of 60 points, but hey, I had fun. In fact, I always have fun when I go bowling.





Their Facebook Fan Page says that "MegaStrike Bowling Centre will spoil you with its ergonomically designed layout and super-friendly staff". There are 22 lanes in total including kid-friendly starter lanes with gutter-rails. There is snack counter for the mid-game munchies, and there is also a cool 'glow' function which you have to experience for yourself. It costs B$6.00 per game (per person) and B$1.00 to rent their shoes. You can reach them via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call them +673 2337680.

Photographs from the MegaStrike Bowling Centre Facebook Fan Page




Have fun!

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