Tuesday Jun 02

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Kuala Belait: My Home Town

I am a proud 'KB boy' - always have been, always will be.

I grew up in the Belait district. Specifically, my family had a house along Jalan Sungai Pandan which is about a two minute drive / a seven minute bicycle ride / a 15 minute walk from the Kuala Belait or 'KB' town centre. The Internet only came around (to me) in the '90s and so there was no Facebook, no blogs, no Twitter, no emails, no Farmville, no Wikipedia. What I did have however were pen-pals, a tree house to climb, tadpoles to catch, Super Soakers to fill, the New Kids On The Block to listen to and KB town to call my own.

The primary layout of the town centre is like this: a long stretch of shops on one side and another stretch on the other. If you walked it, it would probably take 15 minutes; it is not a large town. The thing about growing up in a small town though...is that you do not realise it is a small town. To me, compared to the size of the neighbourhood compound, KB town was an entirely different galaxy! I visited KB town (after a long time) the other day and took a few photographs with my smartphone. Let me walk you through.

Pheonix Hair Design: I used to get my hair 'designed' here


I had my hair 'designed' here too


For those after a real treat, there is always SPHJ Salon


The general town centre layout


Zebra crossings which extend into little shopping alleys pepper the length of the town


An alley way shop


The bus / taxi depot which also serves as a gerai spot for local food vendors


The standard shopping lane view


Hing Nam Foong: a well known eatery / hangout joint for town 'tau-kehs'


Jee Juan Coffee Cafe: another great eatery / hangout joint


This shop looks the same as it did from years ago


This one too


A closer look at their display cabinet


The Body Shop: I remember buying a few gifts for my school time sweetheart(s) from here


KFC: Was and still is a popular date spot for young couples I am sure


One of the 'newer' shops selling pirated dvds and cds


Sei Kai Book Shop: My dad used to buy his newspapers from here


What about you? Do you live in Kuala Belait? Have you ever been to Kuala Belait? What are your KB memories?

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