Monday Aug 10

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The German Shop

So I am driving along Jalan Muara and I see a sign which reads "German Shop - European & Mediterranean Products". Curiousity reached out and before I know it, there I am speaking with Imad Aljandali, the owner of the German Shop. I introduce myself and tell Imad I am a first time visitor to his shop. He welcomes me into his shop and tells me to have a look around. "Take your time" he says, and I do. I walk around and I immediately realise that nearly nothing is spelt out in English. Waldpilzsauce? Pfefferonen? Back-Oblaten? I ask Imad about this and he shares that his customers prefer it this way. I can understand why. The floor plan of the shop is no different from other mom-and-pop stores, but my reliance on the store assistant for translations trick my mind into thinking I am someplace outside of Brunei.

Imad Aljandali, owner of The German Shop















A range of soft drinks, plenty of food products, toiletries, household products, etc - the German Shop is well stocked. I ask Imad "so, how do people know what to do with these foreign products? The preparation instructions are not in English." Imad casually replies, "They go to our website. There is a 'Recipes' section which explains everything." Of course. A website. Makes perfect sense. Here's the link:

My family and I eventually left, carrying with us bags of chocolates, biscuits, drinks. Imad kindly gave the kids extra sweets and wished us well. Check it out for yourselves.

The German Shop

Unit 25 Ground Florr, Block C

Simpang 440, Jalan Muara

Telephone number: +673-233-2840


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