Thursday Dec 03

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Written by Delwin Keasberry Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:55

Greetings Readers! I visited Icklebooks yesterday after reading about the Crumpler sale they were having. I was also fortunate enough to get to know the management there. We spoke about the origins of Icklebooks, their range of educational toys and products, and their inspired range of cameras. The best thing for me was that I finally got to know some of the people behind the business.

How did I first hear about Icklebooks? Through Twitter. Every now and then some one on Twitter asks "Where can I find a lomo-camera?" or "Where can I get polaroid film?" The response that inevitably comes back is "Icklebooks". I had to see it for myself.


Written by Delwin Keasberry Thursday, 01 September 2011 13:07

I came across a video link shared by Reeda on Facebook. Reeda asked "Have you seen this home-grown documentary on Brunei? I like!" and sure enough, I liked it too.

Written by Delwin Keasberry Saturday, 27 August 2011 20:51

I am a proud 'KB boy' - always have been, always will be.

I grew up in the Belait district. Specifically, my family had a house along Jalan Sungai Pandan which is about a two minute drive / a seven minute bicycle ride / a 15 minute walk from the Kuala Belait or 'KB' town centre. The Internet only came around (to me) in the '90s and so there was no Facebook, no blogs, no Twitter, no emails, no Farmville, no Wikipedia. What I did have however were pen-pals, a tree house to climb, tadpoles to catch, Super Soakers to fill, the New Kids On The Block to listen to and KB town to call my own.

The primary layout of the town centre is like this: a long stretch of shops on one side and another stretch on the other. If you walked it, it would probably take 15 minutes; it is not a large town. The thing about growing up in a small town that you do not realise it is a small town. To me, compared to the size of the neighbourhood compound, KB town was an entirely different galaxy! I visited KB town (after a long time) the other day and took a few photographs with my smartphone. Let me walk you through.

Pheonix Hair Design: I used to get my hair 'designed' here


Written by Delwin Keasberry Monday, 08 August 2011 11:35

I visited the Berakas Gerai Ramadhan at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium last weekend with my family. "Gerai" means "stall at market" or "booth", in this case referring to the community of food stalls by the National Stadium in Berakas. We got there just before sundown and the place was packed! A lot was happening all at once. I saw food stalls to my left and right, sweets and savouries, smoke from barbeque pits, colourful take-away plastic bags, families and friends. I heard orders taken, sizzle from cooking pots and pans, kids laughing, families connecting. There were moments where I just followed my nose and found stalls serving pan-fried seafood, satay sticks, apam-balik, tongkeng, chicken wings, sugar cane juice, grilled banana-leaf fish, etc etc etc. After about an hour and a half, I got home and my taste and touch senses were engaged. They were happy. Happy and satisfied.

These are a few photographs from Berakas Gerai Ramadhan, starting with a High-5 from my mate, Zul Fadly Osman at the KaPOW burger stall.


Written by Delwin Keasberry Saturday, 06 August 2011 12:44

Last night I was at Times Square Shopping Centre for the Official Light Up Ceremony for their Ramadhan Bazaar. Yang Mulia Sheikh Jamaluddin bin Sheikh Mohamed, Director of Tourism was present for the launch. Ms Amal Majidah, Property & Event Manager for Times Square said in the opening address "In conjunction with the month of Ramadhan, Times Square Shopping Centre is conducting a Ramadhan Bazaar where locals and foreigners alike would be able to experience a gist of Bruneian's valuable culture via festivities and decorations that will be ongoing here for the whole month."



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