Friday Sep 18

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13 years in the making

Greetings Readers! If you are a first time reader here, Welcome! I am a born-and-bred Bruneian blogger (and tweeter), currently based in Adelaide, South Australia. I have been here for 11 years now, and in just seven days I will be making my big move back to Brunei! I did the whole "let me work overseas for a while to gain some experience" and now it is time to bring all I have learnt home.
I am happy-sad as you can imagine...having to leave this Adelaide after 11 years. I have been back to Brunei at least once a year over the last 11...but always as a 'holiday-er'. Even before Australia, I was in Kuala Lumpur for a year and a half for college...which means, the last time I was truly a 'resident' of Brunei was nearly 13 years ago. So, yea...many things are playing on my mind. These are some of them...some trivial, some silly, but all important to me.
- What is life really going to be like?
- Where will I work, and how will my skill-set be utilised?
- What will I do for recreation and free-time?
- Do people really need to go to Miri for re-supplies of household items?
- What mobile service carrier do I go with?
- Are there property managers who I can call on anytime of the day? 
- Which internet provider will take the best care of my requirements?
- Why are there often traffic-jam reports in Gadong?
- Which place serves up the best coffee?
- What will it be like not to have to pay income-tax?
- Who will I hang out with?
- What can I do to be part of the solution?
- Does Seria still serve up the best Kuay Teow?
One of the catch-phrases you will notice me throwing around is that this blog aims to help people 'rediscover Brunei'. Honestly, it is because I wanted to rediscover Brunei before the Big Move home...I really wanted to hear what the locals had to say about the "where-to-go's" and "what to eat's".
Now, after nearly 30 features, I have more of an idea of what to expect, but pretty will be my turn again. While there are often stories about people leaving and the great 'brain-drain' dilemma, my story will be one of a return to the Motherland...13 years in the making.
So, stick around for a while and join others and myself as we rediscover Brunei. You might learn something new as well.
See you soon Brunei!
Big Love!
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